Margarita Paksa is an Argentine multimedia artist, living in Buenos Aires. From the beginning she maintained that the most effective art uses minimal materials to express a maximum of ideas. With this idea she began the conceptual art movement in Argentina together with other artists in 1966. During the last few years, her focus on the politics and art from the sixties has encouraged a re-examination of her conceptual work, and especially her participation in the political artwork in Argentina of "Tucuman Arde" in 1968. She is also researching the theme of conceptual and political art in the sixties, at the University of La Plata as a faculty member in the Department of Fine Arts.
It is possible that artists are always telling the same story, regardless of the medium that they are working in. Paksa has demonstrated this by bringing forward ideas from the sixties into her more recent project from october 1997,"The Tennis Match" which was shown in the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires. Now we can view "the tennis match" on the website. "TENNIS", a digital video, critiques the binary polarization of ideas such as WINNER and LOSER, bad and good, while at the same time, using the bipolar technology of the computer. Nevertheless, the motivation for this project is not to break with this dualistic pattern, but to move forward towards a new unity where the subject has a principle role. Paksa is a professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of La Plata and of the National School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. She has participated in the Visiting Artist program in the University of Ottawa, Concordia University in Montreal, and the University of New Brunswick and she has had approximately 250 exhibitions in her own country, Canada and abroad. She has works in many museums including the Bronx Museum of New York, the Argentine Embassy in Ottawa, Owen's Gallery in New Brunswick, as well as the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art, the Citibank Collection and the Velox Bank Collection in Buenos Aires, etc.
She have just obtained a FRP Scholarship of the Investigation about Canadian Studies in The McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, Toronto, Canada.

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